Speaking From Our HEARTS CIC has emerged as a result of a 10-year HEARTS journey.  It is a progression path that has experienced many vital lessons learnt, as well as raising significant funds for many charities and good causes; positively impacting and inspiring 1000’s of children – mainly from challenging backgrounds – within the UK & worldwide.

Throughout the voyage, our HEARTS vision – and acronym – has remained ever-constant…

Aligned and supporting our vision, are our CARES Values…

  • Contribution: making a difference to ourselves, others and the universe
  • Awareness: opening our hearts to embrace our intuition & experience
  • Relationships: the foundation of lasting peace, love and happiness
  • Empowerment: giving encouragement, accountability & support
  • Success: creating a purposeful, prosperous life for everyone

Whilst these considerations are vitally important, equally is our commitment to our primary assets – our people…